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The last greeting is a timeless art, reads the slogan of a local advertising and is absolutely what the funeral directors 'THE SANDRINI' intend to pursue in every service we are called upon to perform.

• A wide range of coffins ranging from the larch oak to walnut, carved finishes, burl, bleached wood and many other details available. Opportunity to witness first hand the hoods or choose in-store catalog. Depending on the needs of even oversized products or cheap materials for special situations, such as fir or lime.

• internal padding of any kind, from haute couture handmade satin.

• Flower arrangements of all kinds, from the crown of the head baskets, pillows for the hood, works for churches and customized for each type of request and need, with comprehensive service support during the day of the funeral service.

• Service recovery from private clinics, nursing homes and hospitals everywhere, with qualified staff at your disposal.

• Handling paperwork to and from municipalities, hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, transport practices for Italian and foreign.

• Funeral cars all over the country and abroad, organizing body for transfers by air anywhere.

• Practices for cremations, scattering ashes, foster home care and assistance for estumulazioni and extraordinary exhumations.

• Use of a cooling system for the body of the last generation, replacing the old refrigerator blocks more intrusive and less functional.

• Service souvenir photos of plastic card for the day of the funeral home (the first 50 photos for free).

• Preparation of provisional niches niches and ground with electric candle holder.

• A burial service available for the preparation of gravestones and monuments of every kind, lights and accessories for cleaning marble.

• Making posters with funeral photography.

• Listing of obituaries for local papers or not.

• Possibility to rent the original carriage 800 with 2 or 4 horses, driver and guide.

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