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The Funeral "THE SANDRINI" is an innovative part of the funeral and have the professionalism and the right balance for every task to carry out this delicate area.
Born thanks to the dedication of ' Nicholas and Catherine ' and their families that assist the activities and put into practice the ancient art.
All of the staff attended the required courses from the Lombardy region and the holder has specialized in tanatoestetica courses, both at the San Carlo Hospital in Milan with the French master Jean Monceau, both at the training institution Assopadana of Brescia with the teacher Francesca Lussana.
For now can count on a staff and organization of all respect, a level of professionalism and dedication that is easily found in the testimony of people who inhabit the area where they operate.
Joining a family mourning the immediacy of the event requires a way that transcends mere "work" of the funeral service for themselves (and consequently those who work in the industry) is understandably traumatic experience so broadly by mourners: beyond the pain of the loss of their loved one, around which everything revolves, there is also the delicate question of the economic burden, being bewildered in the face of numerous bureaucratic requirements and the fear of being scammed, what that unfortunately sometimes happens in the field, also populated by unscrupulous businessmen or "monopolists" who for years have made ​​ good and bad weather", as they say ... well, the absolute transparency is one of the flagships of 'company, no surprises, from the outset clarity and honesty, as well as to reach out to every type of economic situation, while remaining always available in every way.


1929 - 2011

This is the space where it is right to remember the person who has inspired our work, where a duty to stop for a moment, just as they do in the places of burial, in front of photographs of the people we loved and continue to love . So, as if even unintentionally give a sigh to those who we hope can still hear it again, even here in this virtual place I feel the duty and the need to remember Achille Libero Sandrini, my maternal grandfather. Achilles ended his earthly experience of 7 September 2011, had 82 years. For many years he worked in the municipal cemetery of Torbole Casaglia and in those same years I followed him, being enchanted by this mysterious place that everyone ran away, enraptured by the stories etched on the faces of the ceramics and old epitaphs that spoke so clearly and emphatically hagiographic the virtues and deeds of those who lived before us, who first loved us, he projects, rejoiced and had our own fears, our own dilemmas, especially given that the ultimate destiny in the same place we spoke through marbles and flowers, through words and faces engraved property, immutable, almost suspended. In all this my grandfather taught me a profound respect for another's pain, for the delicate situation of someone who was experiencing a loss, I went with him to visit all of our common dead before the funeral and the first of November, together with grandmother Julia, his wife, went to visit the dead in cemeteries also common to more or less close. I remember with great sweetness of intent that visit, there was nothing in those long agonizing days, anything! I sensed a kind of intense inner serenity, watching his eyes closed to all persons accommodated in the mortuary set up in homes (as still in use in our area), inside of me I thought: "now they have discovered the truth, now they know what there after ... "In me is left intact the idea of ​​working in a cemetery or funeral industry and, many years later, all this, as I say in the" presentation "of this site, which previously only imagined this opportunity, it is materialized. The company name is a tribute to my grandfather's name then, I'm sure he (who luckily was able to see the fruits of our labor) has somehow been proud of that.

Hello So Grandpa, I can not know if and how we will meet again someday, but know that what you were who you will always have loved, and now, a part of you continues in what for years have done and we have sent with seriousness and dedication.

Your nephew.


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